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Pressroom: Scania Driver Competitions 2014

Thousands of truck drivers from around the world have once again been invited to participate in Scania Driver Competitions – the world’s largest truck driving and training event.

The Scania Driver Competitions 2014 will be the sixth edition of the international event since it began back in 2003. The 2014 competition hopes to attract more than 85,000 truck drivers from 40 countries. 

The competition started as a response to the 2003 European Commission directive on driver training, the goal of which was to increase road safety awareness and improve fuel consumption, thus minimising the environmental impact of truck driving. The European Commission has endorsed the competitions ever since.

Erik Ljungberg, Senior Vice President Corporate Relations at Scania, says Scania's position is that skilled drivers are the single-most important asset for securing road safety, minimising the environmental impacts of road transport, and contributing to an efficient transport industry. 

“Everyone in the transport industry can play a part,” he says. “Arranging extensive and demanding truck driver competitions across the world is one of Scania’s many contributions.”