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Pressroom: Scania Top Team 2012-2013

Scania’s approach to increasing the value of its service offering is to motivate and train its service technicians and parts experts. This is what Scania Top Team is all about – to develop service skills in competition-like situations.

To satisfy customer demands for high availability and premium services, Scania’s service network relies on dedicated, professional, highly proficient and service-minded personnel. Scania Top Team is a competition-like training program created to continually enhance the skills and knowledge in Scania’s workshops all over the world.

High availability services require a highly proficient service staff. Among other things, this is achieved by promoting health and safety issues as part of the training program.

Scania Top Team encourages the development of personnel as both individuals and members of a well-functioning team. In this way, the program contributes to increased professionalism; proficiency and teamwork are keywords.