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Pressroom: Scania Intelligent Vehicles

The world of tomorrow is being shaped today. Scania is investing in forward-thinking research to ensure it remains relevant – and successful – over the coming decades.

Scania has clearly defined the direction of its on-going research as we head towards 2030. The result is the Technology Road Map (TRM), a clear guide to the future.

The TRM is arranged according to a number of main themes, including transport efficiency; safety and security; energy losses; emissions; fuels; electrification; and further development of the combustion engine. No matter what direction the world develops in, Scania is convinced that these areas will be key to remaining competitive and offering the best customer solutions.

As well as being a strategic planning tool for future research, the TRM helps Scania to build useful links to academic institutions and to shape the training of tomorrow’s engineers and PhD holders.