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Pressroom: Scania Gensets

For the first time in many years, Scania is introducing a completely new product line, Scania Gensets. A range of high quality gensets based on the same engine components as Scania’s products for transport solutions – trucks and buses - and for industrial and marine applications.

Scania extends its product range with turn-key generator sets to enable customers to choose Scania also for power generation. This is fully in line with the strategy to provide comprehensive solutions closely adapted to customer needs. Customers in the mining and construction industries, for example, often operating on remote sites, can get Scania's support with products – trucks, Scania-powered off-road equipment  and now also Scania Gensets.

Scania Gensets are available in two versions, open or in closed canopy, ranging from 50 Hz 250-600 kVA and 60 Hz 280-665 kVA and powered by Scania engines. The engines are available in fuel optimised versions or Stage IIIA compliant. Scania-developed systems for engine management and emission control ensure an attractive blend of performance and operating economy.