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Scania’s quest for the best truck drivers begins now

More than 55,000 drivers from across 39 countries are expected to compete to be declared the best truck drivers in Scania Driver Competitions 2012. With the new online registration process, qualifying is just a few clicks away.

Initiated in 2003, the Scania Driver Competitions were originally held in Europe. They have since spread out globally, evolving into challenging events that highlight the importance of the skills of drivers, as well as driver training and development to enhance road safety awareness and proficient eco-driving.

“The driver is the single most important factor for economy, environment and safety,” says Leif Östling, President and CEO, Scania. “Skilled and committed drivers deliver transport efficiently, reduce emissions, contribute to better road safety and improve any company’s profitability. These types of drivers are real assets and prove that environmental pursuits and positive financial results can go hand-in-hand.”

Over the next few months driver competitions will be launched worldwide, including such disparate places as Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Argentina, Korea, Mexico, Singapore, China, Chile, Malaysia, Peru and South Africa, as well as across Europe.



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