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Pressroom: New global engine range

Scania now offers the widest range of heavy-duty trucks in the market. From 2012 they will all be powered by a range of engines that will be used worldwide for all emission standards – Euro 3, Euro 4, Euro 5, EEV and Euro 6.

European markets also have access to an extended range of Euro 5 and EEV engines with SCR technology. The engines can operate on up to 100% biodiesel. In addition, Scania offers engines for bioethanol and biogas, both with diesel-like performance.

Gearboxes with improved performance

The new engines come with a new range of gearboxes: new Scania Opticruise and new Scania Retarder – all with significantly improved performance.

Focus on fuel efficiency and uptime

Scania traditionally has a leading position in terms of low fuel consumption and long

service life. The new global engine platform was developed from there, taking

robustness to new levels in preparation for the tough demands of future emission

legislation, e.g. the higher combustion pressures required for Euro 5 and Euro 6.

Numerous refinements have been introduced since the launch of the new engine

platform in 2007 and they are now incorporated across the range.