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Pressroom: Scania at Hillhead 2010

Easy installation for Stage IIIB/Tier 4i – Scania highlights its strong offer for 2011/2014

Starting in November 2010, Scania will broaden its product line-up with a Power Pack option – an engine fitted with a radiator assembly – that makes installation of Stage IIIB and Tier 4i engines smooth and easy.

Bernt Gustavsson, Sales Director Industrial Engines at Scania:

“Scania's new range of industrial engines is ready for Stage IIIB and Tier 4i (valid from 2011) and can be supplied now for prototype installation. The installation will only involve minor changes for the next step in emission legislation in 2014.

“The new power pack, supplied complete ex-factory, demonstrates how Scania can customise solutions jointly with its OEM customers in the heavy vehicle and construction segments.”

The Scania Power Pack is a reliable power source designed for easy installation and maintenance. The unit consists of an engine-mounted radiator, including mounting brackets for easy installation, which can be combined with engines with rated outputs from 202 to 405 kW. All connections for air and water are made at the Scania factory.

Scania products, hardware as well as software, are designed for maximum flexibility when it comes to installation. Scania therefore always endeavours to understand its customers’ business to optimise each application.

The Scania Power Pack has been designed and tested to cope with the most demanding operating conditions and with a focus on easy maintenance. This will maximise uptime, which is crucial to many applications. Servicing of the entire Power Pack is performed by Scania via its dense network, including parts, servicing and documentation.

For further information, please contact:

- Bernt Gustavsson, Sales Director Industrial Engines,

  mobile tel. and SMS +46 70 7980337, e-mail bernt.gustavsson@scania.com.

- Ann-Helen Tolleman, Communications,

  mobile tel. and SMS +46 70 7781360, e-mail ann-helen.tolleman@scania.com.