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Scania V8 40 years

The power, the feeling and that unmistakeable sound – they are part of what makes Scania’s V8 engine a legend.

Add excellent fuel economy in its output segment, the reputation of being almost unburstable and having an excellent trade-in value, and you have a combination that’s hard to beat. The strong reputation built by the original 14-litre engine is being carried to new heights with the 16-litre version launched in 2000.

Longer-term operating economy can justify a bigger initial investment! Added performance means faster trips. Extra durability and reliability add to uptime. Six years of ownership instead of four means less depreciation, especially with a second-hand value that is second to none.

These are aspects that many of Scania’s V8 customers factor into their calculation. Others find it hard to part from their working mates. In some cases, an overhaul after some 2 million kilometres has been sufficient to make the engine fit for another tough lease of life or two … The ultimate service life remains to be known, but some Scania V8 trucks have been reported to remain in operation after 5 million kilometres or more.

For more information and images:

At http://www.flickr.com/photos/scania you will find more V8-related images.

At https://scaniaimagearchive.scania.com/ you can search for V8-related images by entering “V8” in the “Quick search” field.

An anniversary site of special interest to Scania fans and enthusiasts will be opened in May

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