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Since the introduction of the 4-series all over the world, Scania is alone among manufacturers in having a global product and production system. Scania has implemented the same environmental and quality systems (ISO 9000 and ISO 14000) throughout its global production system.

From this global palette of models, each Scania importer picks what it needs to cater for the customer demands in that specific market. The purpose is to draw maximum benefit from Scania's research and development resources to produce vehicles that are tailored to local needs.

Although mostly harmonised regionally, e.g. in the European Union and neighbouring countries, there are still regions with unique regulations that necessitate unique specifications.

One example is exhaust emissions, for which the world can be divided into the following major areas: Europe, South East Asia, Latin America and North America.

Scania’s launched its 4-series with Euro 2 engines throughout Latin America in early 1998. This range now consists of:



220, 260, 310 hp, all mechanically injected 



330 hp mechanically injected 



360 hp mechanically injected 



420 hp with unit injectors 

The 330-hp 11-litre is a brand new development based on the mechanically injected and highly successful 360-hp 12-litre engine, but with a shorter stroke. This engine will also be available to other non-European markets.

The US standard EPA98 applies in Mexico and Taiwan. Scania now introduces the following EPA98 engines for these markets:

11-litre 340 hp with unit injectors (de-stroked 12-litre)

12-litre 400 hp with unit injectors

More component interchange than ever before takes place between Latin America and Europe. Some complete trucks are also shipped in both directions to supplement capacity.