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Opticruise optimises emissions for all applications

Opticruise – Scania’s automated gearchanging system – goes from strength to strength. Appreciated for its smooth operation and intuitive control, it has now been optimised to work with the new low-emission engines and to get the most out of them. Opticruise is designed to optimise fuel consumption and emissions at all times.

Distribution, construction and long-haulage

Safe and relaxed driving

Maximum productivity

Optimised emissions 

Besides long-haulage, Scania Opticruise is now available for distribution and construction work and for heavy haulage. The system is currently specified by 11 percent of Scania's long-haul customers in Europe and close to 20 percent in Germany. Opticruise requires electronic engine management and is not available in combination with mechanically injected engines.

Opticruise relieves the driver of much of the stress associated with today’s traffic conditions. The driver only uses the clutch for starting and stopping – all other gearchanges are made by the system, either automatically or through manual intervention from the driver. In automatic mode, Opticruise always strives to optimise fuel economy and minimise exhaust emissions.

Gearchanges take place almost imperceptibly through speed synchronisation of the engine and gearbox, without any use of the clutch – a solution that considerably reduces power losses, as well as wear and tear on the powertrain. A standard manual range-change or range-splitter gearbox from Scania is used, with solenoid-controlled pneumatic shift cylinders mounted in the gearbox cover.

Besides changing gears automatically, the system responds to various other driver inputs. Power is maximised in HILL mode or with kickdown. Engine-braking is maximised when the driver depresses the button to the left of the clutch pedal or uses the retarder. In both manual and automatic mode, the driver can initiate gearchanges with the gear lever.

Being fitted to a standard Scania gearbox, parts and service expertise for Opticruise is readily available through the Scania dealer network. Troubleshooting is fully integrated with other electronic systems on the truck. All that is needed to run a check-up is a laptop computer with the Scania Diagnos software and a special cable that connects to a socket in the electrical central unit.