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No stopping disc brakes - 2nd generation EBS

The second generation of Scania's highly successful disc brake system has now arrived. As an option, the electronic control system now monitors the weight of the trailer and can thus precisely proportion the brake work each axle of the vehicle does based on actual weight.

Since their launch in mid-1996, Scania’s electronically controlled brake system with discs on all wheels has contributed to set a new standard for brake performance on heavy trucks. Operator acceptance has gradually increased, largely due to the much simpler maintenance and lining replacement. Disc brakes are now starting to arrive large-scale on trailers as well.

Scania now offers disc brakes for almost any type of application, from long-haulage via hectic distribution work to tough construction tasks. Always combined with electronic control, disc brakes are now fitted to around 45 percent of the trucks sold by Scania in Europe and in long-haulage the percentage is 60 percent.

The second generation EBS software includes as an option a trailer control module, which automatically and with high precision balances the braking between the truck and the trailer according to the load on each unit in the combination. The previous less precise brake matching method meant that an unnecessarily large part of the braking was sometimes transferred to the truck, causing excessive wear.

The new system gives more even wear on all axles in the combination. Also, less pull or push between truck and trailer means greater stability during braking. A rough adaptation takes place during the first 2-3 brake applications from standstill. After another 10 applications the system ‘knows’ exactly how to proportion the braking power. The adaptation takes places in small steps that are unnoticeable for the driver.

The trailer control module can be retrofitted to trucks with the latest generation EBS. It works on all types of trailers, including those with conventional drum brake systems.

The new equipment is available from November 1999. EBS and disc brakes are now also available on T-trucks and on 6x4 chassis from February 2000.