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Cab and chassis news

Lighter components are common denominators for the cab and chassis news. Lighter cab panels, a new interacting subframe concept radically cuts weight for some types of bodywork and a new modular tandem bogie combines lower weight with the possibility to specify disc brakes.


The lighter cab panels made of high-tensile steel cuts cab weight by up to 60 kg, depending on model. The new panels have been strength tested and impact tested according to the stringent Swedish cab safety standards. These changes have been introduced gradually over the past 12 months.

Other new cab options include a new radio with CD-player, an external ladder, a new air precleaner for vertical exhaust pipe and an insect screen for the radiator.

Interacting subframe

Within the scope of Scania’s BWA system - bodywork adaptation - Scania introduces a new subframe system that enables the weight of the chassis to be reduced by 200-300 kg, depending on wheelbase. The new concept is based on mounting the bodywork brackets with rivets instead of bolts to the chassis frame. To this the subframe for the bodywork is welded to form a very strong interacting unit.

This solution enables a lighter chassis to be specified on the truck and the subframe can be made from lighter material without impairing strength.

The rivet-mounted brackets are available ex-factory from November 1999.

New 19- or 21-tonne tandem bogie

Scania’s lighter tandem bogie has been replaced by a modular design that shares some design features with the 30-tonne bogie. However, several components have been slimmed, including a crossmember that is cast instead of welded, saving 30 kg in overall weight compared to its predecessor. The new design is prepared for disc brakes, which are now entering the construction segment as well.

The new bogie is available from February 2000.

Lower than low

The low chassis height available on long-haulage and distribution trucks has been modified. The overall height is now 30 mm lower, making a low chassis 60 mm lower than the normal-height chassis.

Other new chassis features include new fifth wheel options, a catwalk on T-trucks and mudguards for 6x4 and 8x4 trucks for the heavier tandem bogie with a capacity of up to 30-tonnes, all from November 1999.

Bodywork preparation is now also available for ADR vehicles and 6x6 vehicles (from November 1999).