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Scania to supply Danish army

Scania Danmark A/S, Scania’s wholly-owned importer in Denmark, has signed a five-year supply contract with the Danish Armed Forces. Applying to vehicles in Scania’s heavy segment, the contract comprises part of a total order for several hundred vehicles placed by the Danish army.

"This is the first time we have been awarded a contract of this type to supply the army," comments Peter Glimsager, Sales Manager of Scania Danmark.

Just over half of the vehicles to be supplied will be heavy trucks, of which Scania will be one of two suppliers.

"We have supplied a large number of vehicles to the Danish air force and navy since 1987. We regard this contract with the army as being especially prestigious and as clear evidence that our products are highly rated," adds Mr. Glimsager.

The deal with the Danish Armed Forces is the latest example of Scania’s role as a major supplier to military customers. Since the company’s military vehicles are based entirely on its civilian range, the complete range of parts and components for the latter is also available for the military versions, with beneficial effects on operating and maintenance costs.

In addition to the Swedish Armed Forces, Scania has previously supplied military vehicles to countries such as Norway and Belgium. The company has also been a supplier of special vehicles to both the UN and Red Cross for several years in the context of international peacekeeping operations.

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