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Young Scania researcher receives ABB Foundation award

Per Petersson, 27, an industrial researcher at Scania, Södertälje, has received an award of SEK50,000 from the Alde Nilsson ABB Foundation. The presentation was made at the Scandinavian Technical Fair on Wednesday, 20 November.

Per Petersson’s research deals with the mechanisms which enable a company’s production capacity to be adapted to demand over a complete economic cycle. He will take his doctorate in the subject this winter.

"The main result of his research to date has been the development of an unambiguous, mathematical definition of capacity flexibility, together with a set of factors and attributes which influence that concept in the assembly system," the Alde Nilsson ABB Foundation noted.

Per Petersson commenced his career at Scania in 1995 and began his research activities in 1997 as part of the Scania industrial research programme. His studies are concerned with methods that will enable the company to utilise its purchased capacity in the optimum manner or, in other words, to obtain the maximum theoretical output from a process using existing resources. When demand falls, it should be possible to reduce capacity quickly without the need to release valuable personnel. Conversely, it should be possible to increase capacity quickly to meet an upturn in demand.

Initiated in 1996, the aim of the Scania industrial research programme is to recruit five researchers per year. Scania employs the graduate engineers who are accepted for the programme.

"We really need expertise at this level. Close and fruitful collaboration with universities and institutes of technology is becoming increasingly important as the technology in a Scania becomes more and more sophisticated. In that context, these institutions will also be our most important suppliers in the long term," comments Rolf Thomér, Head of External Research and Development at Scania.

For further information, please contact:

Per Petersson, Scania, tel. +46 8 55385396, mobile +46 70 5798140, e-mail:


Rolf Thomér, Scania, tel. +46 8 55383802, mobile +46 70 5283802, e-mail: