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Scania acquires Norsk Scania AS

Scania has agreed to acquire Norsk Scania AS. The company, which reported sales of NOK1.5 billion last year, employs about 850 people in its 40 or so sales and service outlets.

"The acquisition is in line with our strategy of strengthening and developing our European distribution and service network," comments Scania President and CEO Leif Östling.

Almost 1,000 Scania trucks and about 60 buses were registered in the Norwegian market in 1998, equivalent to market shares of 33% and 12% respectively. With sales of close to 400 units, Norway was also Scania’s third biggest market for industrial and marine engines.

Scania has a long tradition in the Norwegian market. The company delivered its first vehicle to Norway in 1916, and has sold about 29,000 trucks, 6,000 buses and 8,000 industrial and marine engines in the country to date.

The army is Scania’s biggest customer in Norway. Nearly 1,800 trucks have been supplied to the Norwegian Army Supply Corps since 1986, and Norsk Scania’s commitment to supply parts and service for these vehicles is – and will continue to be – a major aspect of the company’s activities.

The present Norsk Scania AS was established in 1945, making the company one of Scania’s longest-established distributors. The company has remained in the ownership of the Løwenskiold, Anker Rasch and Ringnes families since its foundation.

"With Scania as our new, long-term owner, our customers will continue to benefit from the ongoing development of service and services designed to offer the most economic overall solution to the ownership and operation of commercial vehicles," comments Christian Ringnes, chairman of the board of Norsk Scania AS.

For further information, please contact Hans-Åke Danielsson, Corporate Communications,

tel. +46 8 55385662, mobile +46 70 3468811, e-mail: hans-ake.danielsson@scania.com

Scania is one of the world's leading manufacturers of trucks and buses for heavy transport applications, and of industrial and marine engines. With 23,500 employees and production facilities in Europe and Latin America, Scania is one of the most profitable companies in its sector. In 1998, turnover totalled SEK 45,300 million and income after financial items SEK 3,200 million. Scania products are marketed in about 100 countries worldwide and approximately 96 percent of total production is sold outside Sweden.