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Scania Opticruise and Retarder patented

A total of 18 patents have now been registered covering the innovative control systems for Scania Opticruise (11) and Scania Retarder (4). Both systems have been developed by a small team of development engineers at the Scania Technical Centre in Södertälje, Sweden. Today the team was awarded by Scania's Executive Management for its achievements.

Some examples of what the patents cover:

'Event control' of some sensor features to economise on computer power.Gearchange control and synchronisation according to the oscillations in the propshaft and rear axle.Exhaust brake valve control during gearchanges.Variable engine speed for up- and downchanges.Programmable starting gear.Zero-torque regulation during gearchanges.Retarder-controlled downchanging on steep descents.Pedal control (brake and accelerator) for engaging and disengaging the retarder.Interaction between cruise control and downhill speed control on the retarder.Retarder output governed by engine speed and temperature.Engine warm-up function using the retarder.