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Scania gets large Brazilian bus order

Scania has obtained an order for 80 city buses from Rápido Araguaia in Goiânia, Brazil. For Scania, whose strength so far in Brazil has been heavy trucks and long-distance buses, this order means a major entry into a new market segment.

"The order is a breakthrough for Scania’s new 4-series generation of city buses, which was launched in Latin America less than one year ago," says Jorma Halonen, President of Scania Latin America. "We can provide an attractive low-floor concept that is unique on the market so far.

"Scania has around ten percent of the bus market in Brazil. In the long-distance and luxury coach segment our market share is more than 35 percent. With the 4-series we have a broad range of city buses as well."

The order from Rápido Araguaia comprises 35 Scania L94 low-floor buses and 45 Scania F94 with front-mounted engine. The company holds the concession for local transport in Goiânia. Their fleet totals 500 buses, of which 300 Scania. The city of Goiânia with 1.5 million inhabitants is located in the state of Goiás in the central region of Brasil.

Scania L94 has the engine mounted longitudinally at the rear, a solution that enables a low floor to be installed through two-thirds of the length of the bus, i.e. at the front (37 cm) as well as the centre doors (37 cm). The installation of the engine, inclined 60 degrees to the right, enables the bus to be provided with three doors on the right-hand side. The bus is equipped with Scania’s 220-hp 9-litre engine connected to an automatic gearbox. The body is built by Caio, a company that has also participated in the adaptation of Scania’s low-floor concept to the South American market.

Scania F94 is built on a conventional frame with a front-mounted engine, a concept that totally dominates among Latin American city buses, in particular in Brazil. The design is very sturdy and enables the bus to drive on poor roads outside the cities. This model is fitted with Scania’s 260 hp 9-litre engine mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox. These buses are also bodied by Caio. Scania recently started to export the F94 from Brazil to the markets in Southern Africa.

For photo of Scania L94 with Caio bodywork in Brazil, see "Media services" on Scania’s homepage: www.scania.com

For further information, please contact Gunnar Boman, Scania Buses & Coaches, tel. +46-150 58599.