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Scania in Sweden receives ISO 14001 accreditation

At a ceremony at the Scania head office in Södertälje on Friday, members of Scania Management received the coveted ISO 14001 certificate from Det Norske Veritas Vice President Henrik Madsen. This certificate is the culmination of a determined and goal-oriented pro-environmental drive, making Scania one of the first vehicle manufacturers in the world with an integrated environmental management system as part of its central functions.

"Since our environmental management system now goes beyond all the industrial processes to encompass research and development, marketing and group management processes, this makes Scania a true trailblazer among the world's auto manufacturers," comments Leif Östling.

Håkan Samuelsson, Executive Vice President of Scania and Chairman of the Scania Environmental Board, says:

"We compete on the basis of the environmental performance of our vehicles, while our customers compete on the basis of the environmental effects of their transport operations. Since Scania already has a global production system in place, it is natural that this approach should also apply to our environmental management system. In this way, our environmental improvements gain ground quickly at all our production plants and in our most important markets."

Scania launched its drive to create a structure for systematic pro-environment work in 1995, by implementing an environmental management system according to ISO 14001 and the EU's EMAS environmental norms.

ISO 14001 accreditation of Scania's Swedish operations follows certification of the company's operations in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico in 1997 – making Scania the first vehicle manufacturer in Latin America with ISO 140001 accreditation. Latin America was followed by the Netherlands, and recently by France.

The pro-environmental work at Scania has given the company very real benefits every year for many years. Scania uses key ratios to monitor environmental performance per produced vehicle, and the set environmental targets have been reached one year ahead of schedule in areas such as energy consumption, water consumption and refuse handling.

Scania recently received the 1998 EKO energy prize for its work on energy-efficiency measures. The prize is awarded by the Swedish Energy Board.

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