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Comment from Scania

Against the background today's press releases from Volvo and Investor, Scania's Executive Board has the following comments:

"Scania's Board and Executive Management has issued press releases in conjunction with the preliminary closing of the accounts for 1998 on 18 January 1999 and the final year-end report on 17 February, stating that Scania is well positioned to continue as an independent actor in the heavy vehicle industry.

"During the Capital Markets Day we held on 18 February with some 80 analysts we clearly expressed our view that Scania is capable of continuing to grow organically on its own. We do not exclude different forms of co-operation, however, on the condition that this co-operation is industrially and commercially viable for Scania.

"Having one of our main competitors as a large shareholder in the company generates considerable uncertainty both in our day-to-day work and for the future."