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Continued success for Scania in Spain

In 1998, Scania truck and bus sales in the Spanish market broke records. The new year has also begun very well.

"In January, we have clearly higher order bookings for both trucks and buses compared to last year," José Badía, Managing Director of Scania Hispania, told a press conference in Madrid on Friday.

The Spanish commercial vehicle market continued to expand during 1998. The heavy truck market grew by more than 28 percent to 17,700 vehicles. This was the second highest volume ever. The record year was 1989, when 19,900 trucks were registered.

The number of Scania trucks registered rose by 39 percent, or faster than the increase in total demand. During the 1990s, Scania has more than doubled its share of the Spanish heavy truck market.

A total of 2,850 Scania trucks and 372 buses were registered. These were Scania’s largest unit sales ever in the Spanish market. The company’s market share was 16.1 percent for trucks and 15.2 percent for buses. Scania is the largest imported truck make and the second largest imported bus make.

"Our good results are a combination of very good products, successful inroads in new segments and restructuring of our dealership network," Mr. Badía says.

Since the 4-series was introduced in late 1995, Scania Hispania has sharply increased its market penetration in the construction haulage and local/regional distribution truck segments. Compared to 1997, Scania’s market share for construction trucks doubled to more than 12 percent, and the 4-series has increased Scania’s presence in the distribution segment from about 12 percent to 19 percent.

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