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Scania expands in Lithuania

As part of its expansion in Lithuania, Scania today inaugurated a new dealership in Klaipeda. Through the dealer Skanvita UAB, Scania will be able to strengthen it’s position on the Lithuanian market.

"Now we can provide full service back-up for our customers in this important harbour city on the Baltic Sea," said Anders Grundströmer, Regional Sales Director and responsible for the Scania business in the northern and eastern regions of Europe, in conjunction with the inauguration of the new dealership.

Scania started in Lithuania in 1992 and opened its first dealership in Kaunas in 1994. In the summer of 1997 Scania set up its own Representation Office in Vilnius, followed by the opening of the Vilnius dealership, Vilskana UAB, in 1998.

Scania is now expanding with the new facility in Klaipeda to handle sales, service and parts supply to the truck market. So far UAB Skanvita, a private company, has invested USD 300,000 in the dealership. Scania's market share of 8 percent in 1997 rose to 15 percent in 1998. The total Lithuanian market for heavy trucks last year was around 600 units, a figure that is expected to drop somewhat in 1999.

"The heavy truck market still mainly consists of international hauliers, but we can foresee an increasing demand for local transport in segments such as garbage, distribution, timber and road maintenance.

"With the new premises we are able to offer a higher service level for our customers. Lithuanian transport operators have shown that they are well developed. We have to be where they are," concludes Anders Grundströmer.

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