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1998 a record volume for Scania in Europe

Official registration statistics show that Scania was the second leading make of heavy truck in the western European market in 1998. A total of 31,500 registrations, equivalent to a market share of 15.2 percent, made 1998 a record year for Scania in Europe.

Registrations of heavy trucks in the western European market totalled 207,300 in 1998. This compares with the previous record total of 189,000 units in 1989, almost a decade ago.

Compared with 1997, the European market grew by 21.7 percent: from 170,400 to 207,300 units. Scania recorded a higher growth than the market as a whole, increasing from 25,800 vehicles in 1997 to 31,500, representing a 22,2 percent rise.

"Apart from our powerful product range, Scania’s spectacular progress in our European home market is attributable to the dedicated efforts which we have made to develop our dealer and service network," comments Urban Erdtman, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing Europe.

"Scania has invested substantially in expanded customer service facilities in western Europe during the last years, and we are seeing the results now," adds Mr. Erdtman.

In terms of individual markets, Scania has been the British market leader since 1997, and has captured significantly bigger market shares in countries such as Germany, France, the Netherlands and Spain - all of which are among the five biggest markets in Europe. In Spain, Scania has recorded rapid growth in the 1990s, increasing its market share from 10 percent in 1992 to 16.1 percent in 1998.

Also in Sweden Scania became the market leader with 46,1 percent of the total market.

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