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New diesel engines with lower emissions

Emissions of regulated substances in the exhaust gases of diesel engines are reduced by around 30% in the forthcoming EU regulations (Euro 3). With Scania's new range of low-emission diesel engines, operators who are keen to keep a high environmental profile can specify low-pollution power units well ahead of expected legislation.

"Our engine development has now progressed so far that we are able to launch a range of three low-emission engines to supplement our current range," says Håkan Samuelsson, Executive Vice President and Scania's Chief Technical Officer. "They are designed to comply with the proposed Euro 3 regulations.

"The new engines have substantially better environmental performance. Lower emissions normally give higher fuel consumption, but we have reduced this penalty to a minimum by changing the engine torque and power characteristics. These changes are designed to promote more economical driving and the use of lower revs.

"We regard the new engines as an important new option for demanding truck operators, who need the very best environmental performance," Håkan Samuelsson concludes.

All three new engines (230, 340, 420 hp), which were presented recently at the commercial vehicle exhibition in Brussels, are electronically controlled for maximum efficiency and performance control. Production will start in April 1999.

For further information, please contact:

Marcela Petkov, Environmental Affairs, tel. + 46 8 55381924, Per-Erik Nordström, Product Affairs, tel. +46 8 55385577