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Lower emissions for demanding customers

In conjunction with the opening of the commercial vehicle show today in Brussels, Scania launches a range of three low-emission truck engines, which fulfils the Euro 3 emission standards that are expected to apply from October 2000. The new engines meet the demands of hauliers who are keen to reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

"Scania makes this move to anticipate stricter environmental requirements from sev-eral regions, particularly from more densely populated areas in Europe," says Leif Östling, Scania President and CEO. "The push on the operators is often coming from their customers, who demand that their transportation is undertaken with minimum environmental impact.”

All three new engines (230, 340, 420 hp) are electronically controlled for maximum efficiency and performance control. In actual driving, the slight penalty in fuel consumption for the lower emissions is partly counteracted by different power and torque characteristics, which make the engines easier to drive at low and more economical engine speeds. Production starts in April 1999.

Other highlights in Brussels are Scania Vehicle Management – the broad range of services on offer via the Scania network to provide maximum uptime for operators – and several revisions to the chassis and cabs that promote efficiency and safety.

Scania is reinforcing its efforts to provide special-purpose vehicles within the framework of its modular product system. This provides several operational benefits for the operator since servicing, parts and repairs are readily available through Scania’s international network.

Scania also celebrates 50 years in Belgium. When Scania-Vabis started to look outside Sweden for expansion potential after the second world war, Belgium became one of the company's first export markets.

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