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Scania and Lego tour the world

Scania is taking to the playpen to enhance the profile of its products: together with world-renowned toy manufacturer Lego, Scania is setting out on a tour of Australia and South-East Asia this weekend. The aim is to blend playful pedagogics with information about modular vehicle construction.

Of all the world's vehicle manufacturers, Scania has progressed most in modular design and production. Lego's colourful plastic building-blocks employ the very same principle – a limited number of standardised components combining to offer a virtually unlimited range of variation.

"We are undertaking this tour as a joint project," says Gunilla Håkansson, Manager Corporate Image Scania Group. "Like Scania, Lego is a well-managed global manufacturer of high-quality products, and we are a perfect match for each other.

"The idea is to stimulate various age-groups wherever the Scania-Lego caravan passes by: information about modern transport technology and Scania's products to customers and decision-makers in the transport field, paralleled by pedagogic fun for young children – and their young-at-heart parents!"

It all started in a spectacular way on Saturday against the backdrop of an equally spectacular Sydney Opera House in Australia. The convoy consists of a new Scania 144 tractor and trailer in bright Lego livery. The trailer will act as an exhibition hall at those Scania dealers who host the Scania-Lego caravan during the coming years.

Before the convoy leaves Australia, it will have covered hundreds of thousands of kilometres and visited Scania dealers across the entire vast continent. Just before the end of this century, it will head across the waters to Asia, visiting countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan.

The world tour will then end in South Africa.

For further information, please contact Gunilla Håkansson, tel. +46 8 553 81971.