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New orders for Scania's environmental city buses

Scania has received orders for a total of 155 buses, most of which will be environmentally compatible city buses running on natural gas and ethanol, from a number of Sweden's leading bus operators.

“This shows that the demand for Scania buses powered by alternative fuels is on the increase," comments Leif Nyström, Senior Vice President, Marketing, of Scania Buses & Coaches.

As part of its ongoing investment in environmentally compatible city buses, Stockholm Transport has ordered a further 25 ethanol-powered, low-floor, articulated models from Scania's new OmniCity generation of aluminium-bodied city bus models. This order reinforces Stockholm Transport's position as the world's leading operator of ethanol buses, which have significantly lower nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions than their diesel counterparts. 

Scania biggest in ethanol buses

Scania, which is now the world's biggest manufacturer of ethanol-powered buses, has also received orders for a further 23 city buses of this type for the Swedish market.

These orders confirm that our new OmniCity range of city buses, with its ideal combination of transport economy and environmental performance, is more than a match for the competition," says Mr. Nyström.

More natural-gas buses for Copenhagen

Svenska Linjebuss, which this autumn was awarded a contract to operate in Copenhagen, has ordered 41 natural-gas buses. The authorities in the Danish capital are working hard to make its city traffic more environmentally compatible and Scania has supplied about 200 natural-gas buses to the city in recent years. The latest vehicles will be built by Scania's Danish subsidiary, Scania-Busser i Silkeborg A/S.

To Scania, stricter environmental demands on city traffic mean that models running on alternative fuels now account for almost 15% of the company's city bus sales.

Scania has also secured orders for a further 50 or so buses from Swedish operators, mainly for intercity services.

All of the vehicles will be delivered in 1999, and several of the orders which Scania has now received also include service and maintenance contracts of various types.

“The orders will increase the level of production at Scania's busbuilding plants in Katrineholm, Sweden and Silkeborg, Denmark," adds Mr. Nyström.

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