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New low-entry chassis from Scania with Volgren body

The Scania stand at the UITP show in Hong Kong features a city bus built on the new low-entry city bus chassis, with an aluminium body made by Volgren in Australia.

Body made entirely of aluminium

Low floor at the front

Disc brakes

Large passenger capacity 

The bus features a low floor all the way to the rear of the middle doorway. After a low step in the aisle at the middle door, the floor continues at a gentle incline towards the seats at the very rear.

The body features large windows, enhancing the sensation of spaciousness and light.

The bus on display at the show is built on Scania's L94UB 4x2 city bus chassis. It is equipped with Scania's 260 hp 9-litre engine and a four-speed ZF automatic transmission. This engine beats all exhaust emission and noise requirements by a wide margin. It is installed longitudinally and inclined at 60 degrees to keep the floor at the rear of the bus as low as possible.

The body is built on a frame of extruded aluminium profiles which are bolted together. Aluminium is an environmentally suitable material which is easy to work with and easy to repair if the bus is involved in an accident. It can also be recycled and reused several times without any loss in material quality. What is more, aluminium is also much lighter in weight than other materials such as steel.