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Scania opens negotiations to sell Laxå

Scania has entered discussions to sell its Laxå unit to a new company formed by a management group headed by current plant manager Lars Forsberg. Negotiations with the personnel organisations were initiated today.

The Laxå unit has been in Scania’s ownership since 1992. Its main products are special cabs, such as the Scania CrewCab used primarily in fire tenders. The unit also reconditions servie exchange components for Scania and Saab service exchange engines.

"Our crew cabs have been received very positively and we have increased our market shares for the special vehicles in question. Compared with Scania’s other operations, however, this is a niche product manufactured in relatively low volumes.

"The unit is staffed by an enterprising local management which can run it very efficiently," says Kaj Holmelius, Senior Vice President, Research and Truck Development at Scania.

At present, the Laxå operations employ about 45 people. It is envisaged that the purchaser will take over the workforce, premises and production equipment as of 1 January 1999. The operation is expected to continue with Scania as its main customer.

The other partners in the new company are Production Manager Anders Gruffman and the new Chief Engineer Håkan Larsson.

For further information, please contact Kaj Holmelius, tel. +46 8 553 817 26 and Louise Jarn Melander Senior vice President Corporate Communications tel.+46 8 553 812 12.