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Milestone passed at Scania in Tucumán

A milestone in Scania's Latin American industrial history was passed on Friday when the 150,000th gearbox left the assembly line at the factory in Tucumán, Argentina.

Scania's operations in Tucumán got under way in 1976 and in recent years have focused on the production of gearboxes and transmission components for Scania's assembly plants in Latin America. The factory in Tucumán also assembles chassis, mainly for the Argentinean market.

Since 1994, Scania has invested 300 million USD on expanding production capacity and switching the production system to the new 4-series in Latin America. The factory in Tucumán is thus a fully integrated part of Scania's global production system.

Owing to Scania's worldwide product range and integrated production system, components from the factories in Latin America can be used in the European production system and vice versa.

In Europe, Scania has factories for manufacturing gearboxes and transmission components in Södertälje, Sibbhult and Falun.

Just over 900 people are employed at the plant in Tucumán and since 1997, production has been accredited according to both ISO 9.002 (quality) and ISO 14.001 (environmental suitability).

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