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Lars Christiansson, Senior Vice President Communications and Public Affairs:

"My mission at Scania is now completed."

"Just over three years ago, I was assigned a clear-cut task from the Scania President and CEO: to create and implement a unique profile for Scania as an independent company, parallel to the launch of the new product range.

"The mission also included working with the introduction of the company on the Stock Exchanges in Stockholm and New York, and the establishment of the corporate communications competence needed by a listed Swedish-based corporation operating world-wide.

"My assignment has now been completed. It has been a remarkably stimulating and educational period in my life. As Scania's corporate communications operations now move into a new phase, the Annual General Meeting on 22 April is a suitable time to leave the company. I will be moving on to take on exciting new challenges," says Lars Christiansson, Senior Vice President Communications and Public Affairs.

Lars Christiansson will continue to function in an advisory capacity for Scania's President and CEO, Leif Östling, who says in a comment:

"Lars Christiansson has completed his assignment and leaves behind him a solid foundation on which Scania can continue to build for the future. He has been an eminently knowledgeable and skilful colleague. I am delighted to be able to continue working with him."