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Scania and WM-data expand joint IS/IT venture

Scania and WM-data have signed a Letter of Intent whereby WM-data Scania, in which Scania and WM-data have equal shares, will take responsibility for development and coordination of computer systems for Scania's importers and dealers. The first concrete result of this venture is the creation of a new fully owned company on 1 June, Scania Market Systems, with WM-data Scania bearing management responsibility.

Scania Market Systems (SMS) will have a clear role as coordinator of all IS/IT operations relating to Scania's market organisations, that is to say everything from order and specification systems to parts and complaints handling. The current IS/IT functions within Scania Marketing Support in Sweden and within the importer organisations in Germany, Belgium, France and Britain will be transferred to SMS. A total of just over 60 employees are affected, all of whom will move to the new company. The company will also take over current undertakings relating to both applications and local operation.

"For cost and efficiency reasons, it is becoming increasingly important to implement common standardised systems for information handling at all levels between factory, importer and dealer. The creation of SMS gathers together the necessary expertise within Scania's European organisation, and we get more direct access to the IT infrastructure created within WM-data Scania," says Göran Löfgren, Vice President of Scania.

WM-Data Scania was formed in autumn 1996. The Board consists of three people from each party, with Scania's Executive Vice President Göran Löfgren as Chairman. WM-data has operational responsibility for the company, with Ulf Wallte as Managing Director. WM-data Scania takes over operational responsibility for Scania Market Systems.

"SMS will develop and provide the systems needed for continued business development within Scania's market organisation, and we will do so swiftly, efficiently and with a flexible approach," says Per-Olof Fahlander, appointed Managing Director of the new company.

For further information, please contact Per-Olof Fahlander, + 46 70 - 838 26 50 or

Hans-Åke Danielsson, +46 8 - 553 856 62, +46 70 - 673 40 83.