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Press release from the Annual General Meeting of Scania AB 24 April 1997


The Annual General Meeting approved the proposed dividend to the shareholders of SEK 5.50 per share. It approved 29 April 1997 as the record date for the dividend. The dividend is expected to be sent out on Wednesday, 7 May 1997.

Board of Directors and Auditors

Directors Anders Scharp, Lars V. Kylberg, Claes Åke Hedström, Claes von Post, Mauritz Sahlin, Tom Wachtmeister, Marcus Wallenberg and Leif Östling were re-elected.

Auditors Caj Nackstad and Gunnar Widhagen, as well as Deputy Auditors Thomas Thiel and Björn Fernström, were re-elected.

Södertälje, Sweden, 24 April 1997

The Board of Directors