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Scania receives new order for environmental buses

Scania has received orders for a total of 98 buses valued at approximately SEK150 million. The customers are Stockholm Transport (SL), which will purchase 75 of the vehicles, and the western Swedish Buss i Väst company, which will buy the remaining 23.

SL continues to pursue its policy of investing in environmental city buses and

most of the new vehicles - 47 in fact - will be Scania MaxCi ethanol-powered


The new orders mean that SL, which already operates the largest fleet of ethanol

buses in the world, will have about 180 vehicles of this type in service by the end of

1996. Almost all of the company's ethanol-powered models are Scanias.

In terms of emissions, ethanol buses comply comfortably with Euro 2 - the EU truck

and bus emission control standard which will come into force this October. This

means that the vehicles also meet the environmental standards established by the

City of Stockholm for the purpose of creating a 'green' zone in the centre of the capital.

"To Scania, the order is significant as an acknowledgement of the competitiveness

of our environmental buses," comments Leif Nyström, head of Bus Marketing for the

Nordic region.

In parallel with the SL order, Scania has received an order for a further 23 urban

and suburban buses from Buss i Väst, a cooperative of bus operators in western

Sweden. In the face of tough competition, this company recently won the contract to

provide public transport services in Skaraborg province, creating a demand for new

buses. Most of the bus chassis on order will be used in scheduled services.

"In production terms, the order will maintain the high loading at our Katrineholm

plant," says Leif Nyström. "although we do not envisage new recruitment. Most of

the buses are scheduled for delivery this autumn and early next year."


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For further information, please contact:

Leif Nyström

Head of Bus Marketing, Nordic region

Scania Buses & Coaches

Tel. +46 150 585 39 or +46 70 566 53 61

Pictures are distributed via Pressens Bild AB, Stockholm, tel +46 8 440 7700

Internet: http://www.scania.com

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Scania is one of the world's leading manufacturers of trucks and buses for heavy

transport applications, and of industrial and marine engines. With 22,000 employees

and production facilities in Europe and Latin America, Scania is one of the most

profitable companies in its sector. In 1995, turnover totalled approx. SEK 34,800

million and profits after depreciation approx. SEK 4,800 million. Scania products are

marketed in about 100 countries worldwide and approximately 95% of total

production is sold outside Sweden. Bus manufacture takes place in Sweden, Brazil,

Denmark and Poland.