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More trucks in Scania's 4-series:

New T-model, CrewCab, multi-wheelers, one-day bodyworking and security system

Scania is launching 4-series versions of its coveted T-model with a bonnet.

The vehicles are equipped to the same high standards as their forward-

control counterparts.

New crew cabs are introduced for emergency and rescue operations.

Several new multi-wheel configurations enable the customer to tailor the

vehicle precisely to its task.

The time for mounting the bodywork is substantially reduced by a range of

options and accessories for mounting the bodywork.

A factory-fitted alarm and immobiliser system is available to reduce the theft

risk for the vehicle and its cargo. 

Scania's T-model is unique in offering a fully modern bonneted alternative to forward-control cabs.

Styled by Bertone and fully integrated in the 4-series truck range, the new T-model has plenty of presence, as well as many practical features. The set-back cab means that the floor is entirely flat, with easy access across the cab and ample space inside, especially in the sleeper version. Equipment levels are identical to the rest of the range and right-hand drive is optional.

The T-model is the best-selling truck in Brazil, where it accounts for 90 percent of Scania sales. Scania dominates the segment for bonnet-ed trucks in Europe, although this type of vehicle only accounts for around two percent of the market. This type of truck is more popular in the Nordic countries, where permissible vehicle lengths exceed those on the European continent.

Crew cabs are generally used for fire and rescue applications. The 4-series version is available in two lengths for 5 or 8 passengers. With far-reaching component standardisation, production is fully integrated in the normal flow at Scania's assembly line in Södertälje.

Multi-wheelers with more than one steered axle are common where customers demand a high payload combined with excellent manoeuvrability. Scania has now doubled the range of six- and eight-wheelers with steered tag axles ahead of as well as behind the driven axle.

Scania has developed a factory-fitted alarm and immobiliser system for the 4-series, Scania Vehicle Protection System (VPS). Theft and kidnapping are becoming a serious and costly problem along some international haulage routes. Stolen vehicles are sometimes dismantled and sold as parts to unsuspecting truck owners.

Scania VPS is virtually tamper-proof, protecting the cab and vital chassis components, as well as the cargo if specified. Although the risk of theft can never be completely eradicated, Scania VPS makes getting the vehicle illicitly on the move a both lengthy and laborious process.


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All new products will be shown at the international commercial vehicle exhibition in Hanover in September. Production will commence between September 1996 and early 1997.