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Intelligent brakes for safer trucks belt tensioners and airbag increase driver protection

Scania has developed a brand new electronic brake system for heavy trucks which will significantly enhance road safety. The system, which is based on electronically controlled disc brakes all-round, provides rapid application of maximum braking performance at each wheel. This allows very precise control, rapid response and excellent pedal feel for the driver. Faster brake application and higher retardation result in shorter stopping distances.

Scania’s comfortable integrated seat belts, with optional belt tensioners and an airbag on some models, offer the best driver protection level in the trucking business.

Scania's new products and systems for increased road safety will be presented at a road safety seminar in Södertälje on 3 July 1996.

Scania has developed its new electronically controlled brake system jointly with Bosch of Germany. The new system will be introduced in production on high-output 4-series tractor units from October.

Electronics enables more exact control and matching of the brake force to different events and road conditions. In addition, the braking effort is distributed for maximum effect under all circumstances.

The rapid response reduces the stopping distance by around 7 metres from 80 km/h on a fully laden combination, compared to a conventional braking system.

The system enables maximum retardation with minimum fading, which leads to a further reduction of the stopping distance. Compared with the legal requirement, there is a significant reduction in the stopping distance.

The new brake system allows the driver to control the vehicle very precisely, even in difficult road conditions, which increases the safety level on the roads.

Belt tensioners and airbag

Starting early next year, Scania offers a further development of its integrated seat belt. The belt, which is built into the seat, can be equipped with a tensioner which tightens it against the body in an accident. The tightened belt catches the body immediately when it is thrown forward, keeping it away from the crash zone. At the same time, the force when the body is thrown back against the seat is reduced, further reducing the risk of injury.

The seat belt offers the most effective protection in an accident, especially if equipped with belt tensioners. With an airbag, the protection level is raised further.

Scania fits integrated seat belts as standard for the European market. Belt tensioners for driver and passenger are optional on some long-haulage trucks. With belt tensioners fitted, a driver’s airbag is optional.

Bumper at passenger car height

The front bumper on Scania long-haul vehicles is designed to work as a collapsible underrun protection at the height of the bumper of a passenger car. The crash zone and other safety equipment on the truck are thus used to their full capacity during an impact. Trials have shown that the underrun protection has the intended effect on a passenger car crashing into a stationary truck at 60 km/h.

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