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Scania inaugurates new bus assembly line in Brazil

Scania is now focusing on a powerful increase in its production capacity of bus chassis in Latin America. On Thursday, a new assembly line for bus chassis was inaugurated at Scania’s factory in São Paulo. With the new assembly line, Scania doubles its production capacity to around 4,000 bus chassis per year.

As part of the company’s comprehensive investment programme now being carried out in Latin America, Scania is investing USD 5 million in the 5,500 square-metre bus factory. Scania is concentrating all bus manufacturing to São Paulo - from where the new assembly line will supply the entire Latin American market with bus chassis.

Hans Hedlund, President of Scania Latin America, stated at the inauguration that the new bus assembly line is an important step towards Scania’s globally-integrated production.

"Besides increased production capacity, the new assembly line also gives us more flexible production - providing improved preconditions for the continued improvement of product quality."

The new bus assembly line is constructed according to the latest production technology with assembly groups which independently take responsibility for the respective assembly parts. Great importance has been placed on environmentally-friendly production. All components are delivered pre-painted for assembly and surplus materials are recycled in accordance with the regulations in Scania’s environmental policy.

Brazil is the most important bus market for Scania - making up almost half of the company’s bus sales. Sales of trucks, buses and engines in the region amount to around 25 per cent of Scania’s total turnover.

Scania is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks and buses for heavy trans-port and of industrial and marine engines. With 22,000 employees and production facilities in Europe and Latin America, Scania is one of the industry’s most profitable manufacturers. During 1995 turnover was SEK 34.8 billion and profit, after financial revenues and costs, was SEK 4.8 billion. Sales take place in around 100 markets and about 95 per cent of business comes from countries other than Sweden.

Contact person:

Arne Karlsson, Senior Vice President

Buses & Coaches

Telephone: +46 150 585 01

Photographs of Scania’s new bus assembly plant in São Paulo are on Scania’s Internet home page: http://www.scania.se