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Scania extends the 4-series:

8 engines, 4 gearboxes, 10 cabs and 4 chassis classes

Scania’s 4-series truck range takes the third step towards completion. The structure can now be seen for the first time. A comprehensive system of power units and transmissions covers all applications in the heavy transport segment. One forward-control cab in ten versions caters for all needs from urban distribution to transcontinental long-haulage. A standardised but highly flexible range of chassis frames enables vehicles to be optimised for any type of haulage – for maximum load, volume, strength or durability. And there is more to come...

Four chassis classes have now been launched and a large number of new models, components and features are presented at the RAI show in Amsterdam in February. The introduction of the 4-series trucks in Europe will continue throughout 1996. Later this year, additional models, components and systems will be presented.

Two new chassis classes – D and G

4-series range structure is revealed – four chassis classes: L, D, C and G (see release N96216)

D and G classes new

L-class much extended: 94 and 114 models, P cabs new

C-class extended: 94 and 114 models new

RHD models new 

Many components, systems and features are new or have been further developed.

9-litre engine new

– available in 94 models for L-, D-, C- and G-class

– swept volume increased from 8.5 to a full 9.0 litres

– outputs 220, 260 and 310 hp

– 220 and 260 hp for D-class

– 260 and 310 hp for C-class

– 310 hp for L-class

– significantly increased torque ratings

– updated ancillaries

– improved breathing

– lower noise

– Euro 2

11-litre engine new – available in 114 models for L-, C- and G-class

– 340 hp

– updated ancillaries

– lower noiser

– Euro 2

– Euro 1 versions with 320 and 360 hp available


12-litre engine with important new output

– available in 124 models for L-, C- and G-class

– 360-hp version new (complement to 400 hp unit)

– high torque at very low revs

– exceptional efficiency

– ideal for all types of haulage, including construction

– mechanical governor (EDC on 400 hp version)

– Euro 2


14-litre engine – available in 144 models for L-, C- and G-class

– two outputs: 460 and 530 hp

– EDC with timing and injection control

– Euro 2



manual gearboxes

– manual gearbox range for 4-series now complete

– GR801 8-speed range-change (220-310 hp)

– GR900 8-speed range-change with one crawler (220-400 hp)

– GRS890 12-speed range-splitter (260-400 hp)

– GRS900 12-speed range-splitter with two crawlers (310-530 hp)

– Scania Retarder available on GR900, GRS890 and GRS900

– Scania Opticruise available with EDC-engines on L- and G-class (400-530 hp)



rear axles, new driven front axle

– rear axle R560 (up to 28 tonnes) new

– rear axle R660 (up to 40 tonnes) new

– rear axle R780 (up to 70 tonnes)

– rear axle RP832 with hub reduction (up to 80 tonnes)

– tandem bogie RB660 + R660 (up to 78 tonnes)

– tandem bogie RBP730 + RP730 with hub reduction (up to 100 tonnes)

– tandem bogie RBP832 + RP832 with hub reduction (up to 150 tonnes)

– driven Scania front axle RP731 with hub reduction (up to 9 tonnes axle weight)



chassis heights, new wheel configurations

– chassis height N (normal) available in all classes

– chassis height H (high) for C-class vehicles

– new chassis height L (low) for L- and D-class

– newchassis height E (extra low) for L-class

– wheel configurations 4x2, 4x4, 6x2, 6x4, 6x6, 8x4

– new wheel configurations 6x2/4, 6x2*4, 8x2



air suspension with four types of level control

–new spring units

– modified spring and axle attachments

– shock absorbers moved outwards for greater stability

– all systems have two ride heights

1. Mechanical level control new

2. Basic electronic level control (ELC)

3. Fast electronic level control (ELC) new

4. Electronic level control (ELC) with load handling and extra tanks


One basic cab structure in ten variants

– forward-control cab range now complete

– P day cab (CP14), launched in January 1996

– P sleeper cab (CP19) new

– R day cab (CR14), launched in January 1996

– R sleeper cab (CR19)

– Topline – high-roof R sleeper cab (CR19T) available on 124 and 144

– RHD versions new

– Scania Medium seats with integrated seat belts

– Scania Luxury seats with integrated seat belts

– double-glazing available for side windows