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Many customer benefits with more efficient parts distribution

To provide maximum service to its customers, Scania now distributes parts directly to dealers from two distribution centres – in Sweden and Belgium. All dealers in western and central Europe are planned to be linked to the system within a couple of years. Support stores in strategic places are being established to ensure overnight deliveries to remote areas.

The system with direct deliveries means that dealers have access to a complete assortment of part for overnight delivery. Direct distribution offers several advantages, compared to traditional parts distribution from a central store to importer stores, which in turn supply parts to dealers and customers:

fast access to a broader assortment of partssmooth ordering, packing and delivery without intermediate handlingless repetitive operations in stock handling and transportconsiderably reduced capital tie-up in all stages 

Scania has already implemented direct deliveries to Sweden, Finland, Belgium, the 

British Isles, France and Germany. Dealers in these countries thus receive parts 

directly from Scania’s distribution centres in Södertälje, Sweden, and Opglabbeek, 

Belgium. Other European markets are planned to be connected to the system during 

1996 and 1997.

Scania now initiates the next phase of the direct-distribution concept. To ensure 

overnight deliveries also to remote countries in Europe, support stores will be setup

in a few strategic places, e.g. in Spain for the Iberian peninsula and in Great Britain 

for the British Isles.