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New models revealed: More additions to the Scania 4-series

The international truck show in Amsterdam throws open its doors tomorrow, and Scania is taking the opportunity to reveal two additions to the new 4-series. One is intended for distribution operations while the other is specially designed for demanding duties on poor roads, such as forestry operations. With the new additions, Scania's new heavy truck range now covers all transport segments above 16 tonnes.

"No other manufacturer is better able to satisfy the individual needs of the various market segments than Scania - we lead the drive towards tailormade solutions for every transport need," says Leif Östling, President and CEO of Scania.

New Scania models are arriving at a fast pace. October 1995 saw the launch of the first trucks in Scania's new 4-series, a 3.5 billion kronor investment designed to power the transport industry well into the next century. The initial models were long-haul trucks, and they were followed a few weeks ago at the Geneva truck show by a comprehensive range of construction trucks.

Now it is time to further expand the range, with one model series optimised for distribution duties and the other featuring a wide range of trucks designed for demanding applications such as long-haul duties and timber haulage on poor roads.

The new models also herald the launch of a series of new engines with 9, 11 and 12 litre swept volumes. Together with the previously introduced engines, Scania powerplants now span the range from 220 to 530 hp.