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The Far East: Scania's third home market

"South-East Asia is becoming increasingly important to Scania, and now we are further enhancing our presence there," says Leif Östling, President and CEO of Scania, in a comment on Scania's powerful performance in a region which currently shows the fastest growth in the world.

1996 will see Scania introducing the new 4-series - the 1996 European Truck of the Year - on the expanding markets of South-East Asia, where Scania is now the largest imported make in several key countries.

There are about 20,000 Scanias on roads throughout the region.

All the indications are that another 10 years will see about 30,000 heavy vehicles from Europe being sold per year in South-East Asia. Scania intends to keep pace with this growth by bolstering its regional presence through local assembly and production facilities.

The largest local market in 1995 was Taiwan, where Scania is now market leader in the segment for heavy tractors, with 32.3 per cent of the market. Scania's sales of inter-city buses in 1995 secured 19.8 per cent of the total market. In South Korea and Hong Kong, Scania was the largest European importer, while in the Hong Kong heavy tractor sector, Scania had roughly 18 per cent of the market at end November 1995.

In China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand, Scania's truck sales increased by 55 per cent between 1993 and 1994, followed by an upswing of 17 per cent in 1995. Between 1993 and 1995, Scania's total sales of trucks and buses in these countries rose by 80 per cent

Scania is one of the world's leading manufacturers of trucks and buses for heavy transport applications, and of industrial and marine engines. With 22,000 employees and production facilities in Europe and Latin America, it is one of the most profitable companies in its sector. In the first nine months of 1995, turnover totalled approx. SEK 25,400 million and profits after depreciation approx. SEK 3,500 million. Scania products are marketed in about 100 countries worldwide and almost 97% of total production is sold outside Sweden. Scania is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Investor, a Swedish public investment company.