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International Truck of the Year 1996

Scania's success with its new 4-series trucks is confirmed with the award of the prestigious Truck of the Year trophy, the truck industry's most highly-prized award. 14 independent trade press journalists from all over Europe participated in the vote.

"Scania's most recent success continues to propel the company on its chosen path towards ever-increasing modularity and component rationalisation. Owing to its focus on heavy vehicles, Scania has met with more success here than any other manufacturer."

That is how the jury motivated its choice. Scania received the accolade for the Bertone-designed long-haul 4-series truck, the L-class, which is the first model unveiled in the new truck generation. The jury's chairman, Tiit Tamme, editor in chief of Swedish magazine iTrafik, motivates the decision as follows:

"The L-class trucks are the first in the new 4-series with which we have a chance of getting acquainted. The rules require that the trucks are in series production and that we are given the opportunity to test them." The jury's justification for selecting Scania is detailed and comprehensive. Among the arguments are the following:

"The L-class trucks feature a fully modern, all-new design from frames and powertrains to cabs. They are designed to conform to customer requirements, that is to say high payload, the largest possible load volume, lowest possible energy consumption and considerable flexibility in bodybuilding alternatives."

Tiit Tamme adds: "The new long-haul trucks should satisfy vehicle owners on the lookout for modern transportation. "What is most impressive in this context is Scania's fully-integrated powertrain featuring the engine, electronically regulated gearbox, Opticruise, and the integrated retarder. Scania leads the way in this area."

The jury also lavished praise on the Bertone-designed cab and the new 12-litre engine.

The 1996 International Truck of the Year award will be handed over to Scania at a ceremony at the Amsterdam truck show on 7 February.

Scania is one of the world's leading manufacturers of trucks and buses for heavy transport applications, and of industrial and marine engines. With 22,000 employees and production facilities in Europe and Latin America, it is one of the most profitable companies in its sector. In the first nine months of 1995, turnover totalled approx. SEK 25,400 million and profits after depreciation approx. SEK 3,500 million. Scania products are marketed in about 100 countries worldwide and almost 97% of total production is sold outside Sweden. Scania is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Investor, a Swedish public investment company.