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Breakthrough for digital images when Scania launched its new truck range

A breakthrough for digital image handling! Six words which summarise Scania's success in pioneering digital image handling. A system which stood its first real-life test in connection with the launch of Scania's latest truck range, the 4-series.

800 journalists from around the world were privileged to witness a world breakthrough at the launch of Scania's 4-series: the entire press pack in digital form.

The media centre was the venue for the unveiling of the Scania Digital Image Handling System, a system available to Scania's entire global organisation, which offers facilities for searching, ordering and storing high-resolution images obtained from a central database.

Scania's central image database currently contains about 10,000 photographs stored in Kodak Photo-CD's five resolution grades. These are immediately available on-line to registered users the world over via a standard PC or Macintosh computer.

To mark the launch of Scania's new 4-series trucks, all 150 high-resolution images dealing with the new truck were stored on Kodak Photo-CD discs and handed out to the assembled world press. The reaction of the media to this new technology was extremely positive.

"Our follow-up shows that 84 per cent of the Scandinavian journalists from daily, trade and business papers preferred to receive their press pictures in digital form instead of conventional paper copies and slides. This definitely marks a breakthrough for digital image handling," says project Anders Nordström of Scania Communications.

Another new feature which the journalists appreciated was the ability to freely choose pictures from the database and immediately secure printouts of high- resolution photographic quality.

The digital Photo-CD images were also transmitted via telephoto to newspapers and press agencies the world over. A selection of pictures was also made available on Scania's home page on the Internet (http://www.scania.se) and in Scania's interactive CD-ROM based CombaT training programme.

"In addition to the advantages of immediate access to images of the highest possible quality via a standard PC or Macintosh computer, there is another major benefit: the cost of Scania's global image handling will be halved with the new system," says an enthusiastic Anders Nordström.

Take the opportunity to have a close look at the Scania Digital Image Handling System which will be demonstrated at the Photographic Fair in Göteborg on 9-12 November, stand B2860.

Further information is available from news@scania.com