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Scania nearly doubles its profit

Scania's income for the first half of 1995 was SEK 2,800 million after financial items. This was almost double the figure for the first half of 1994. For some years, Scania has been the world's most profitable manufacturer of heavy trucks. The company has been profitable for 60 consecutive years – even in periods when the truck and bus market was shrinking.

“We know that our customers, like ourselves, think long-term. A financially strong Scania is a guarantee that we will continue to have the resources to develop prod- ucts that are world market leaders,” maintains Leif Östling, President and CEO of Scania.

“Every year we invest an average of 5 percent of our sales in research and devel- opment work.

“Over the past five years, our share of the European market has risen from 11 to 15 percent. Meanwhile we have invested more than ever: About SEK 8,000 million in production and facilities, and about SEK 3,500 million in research and develop- ment,” Mr. Östling says.