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Supplier Quality Manager

  • 江苏省-如皋
  • 全球采购


⚫ Review technical specifications for assignment; 审核项目技术规范

⚫ Make quality assurance plan and determine quality classification of assigned parts. 制定质量保证计划以及指定零件的质量等级划分

⚫ Conduct technical review with supplier 同供应商一起进行技术评估

⚫ Collect and evaluate self-audit report from supplier 收集和评估供应商的自审表

⚫ Evaluate supplier through carrying out Pre-POT and organizing and assisting POT 执行预备潜在供应商审核和组织潜在供应商审核

⚫ Perform Q-rating for assigned suppliers. 为待定点供应商的提供质量成绩

⚫ Evaluate and approve the APQP from suppliers connected to assigned parts. 评估和批准供应商的指定零件的先期产品质量策划

⚫ Organize and assist Process Audit 组织和协助进行过程审核 Page 3 (4) Job Description 职位描述 Last Updated: 22 May 2023

⚫ Support part validation and testing 支持产品的测试和验证

⚫ Make supplier introduction training 制定供应商导入培训

⚫ Organize and perform Significant Production Run 组织和执行“Significant Production Run”

⚫ Approve PPAP for assigned parts 批准“PPAP for assigned parts”

⚫ Input and maintain Q information in the related systems for assigned activities. 在本地的工作活动中,在相关的系统上提供和维持质量方面的信息

⚫ Participate and support R@R 组织和支持“R@R”

⚫ Handle quality deviations on approved parts 处理许可零件的质量差异情况

⚫ Complete tasks assigned by the Team leader or from the Quality Director. 完成质量总监/组长安排的其他相关任务

⚫ Coordinate all above with the colleagues in the local and global 3-ring. 协调沟通本地采购经理和总部相关人员共同完成上述事项



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