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Maintenance HRBP

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• Business Need Assessment: Collaborates with different stakeholders, such as managers, to identify, assess and refine business needs and their implications for the human resources agenda.

• Implements Human Resources agenda: Leads and/or carries out activities on the human resources agenda in a company’s business unit / area, and acts as a facilitator for the entity’s management. Identifies gaps, proposes and implements changes necessary to cover risks.

• Supports change: Leads / supports change management projects and manages the HR related internal and external communication. • Supports ongoing business needs: Participates in e.g. recruitment processes, supports in career development issues, investigates and resolves day-to-day employee relations problems, conducts C&B and Mobility tasks, provides advice to managers on policy, personnel procedures and precedents.

• Continuous Development: Continuously contribute to the improvement of ways of working, processes and procedures within own team, department and area of responsibility.

• Expertise & Knowledge Management: Develop and expand business and Human Resources knowledge within own team, department and area of responsibility.

• Daily HR Operations: Responsible for implementing daily HR processes including Recruitment, Remuneration, Competence Development, Management Planning and Supportive processes within the organization.

- 业务需求评估:与不同的利益相关者,如管理人员合作,以确定、评估和完善业务需求及其对人力资源议程的影响。

- 执行人力资源议程:领导和/或开展公司业务单位/地区的人力资源议程活动,并作为实体管理的促进者。找出差距,提出并实施必要的变革以应对风险。

- 支持变革:领导/支持变革管理项目,管理与人力资源相关的内部和外部沟通。

- 支持持续的业务需求:参与招聘过程,支持职业发展问题,调查和解决日常的员工关系问题,进行C&B和流动任务,为经理提供政策、人事程序和先例方面的建议。

- 持续发展:在自己的团队、部门和职责范围内,不断促进工作方式、流程和程序的改进。

- 专业知识和知识管理:在自己的团队、部门和职责范围内发展和扩大业务和人力资源知识。

- 日常人力资源业务:负责实施日常人力资源流程,包括招聘、薪酬、能力发展、管理规划和组织内的支持性流程。



If you’re the right person for this opportunity and like the idea of joining a environment with great opportunities for professional development, then please contact us.

There are two different ways to submit your application.

For Scania Sales China

Please send your application via mail to:


For Scania Production China- located in Nantong Rugao

Please send your application via mail to:


Your application should include a covering letter describing why this would be a good step for you in your career and how you will contribute to the group's success and a CV in English.


We look forward to receiving your application.