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Scania Touring


The high decker Scania Touring is available with a wide range of energy efficient and reliable powertrains optimised for longer distance traffic.

Volume Output Torque Emission Control Fuel options
9-litre 360 Hp (265 kW) 1700 Nm Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) Biodiesel, HVO, Diesel
13-litre 410 Hp (302 kW) 2150 Nm Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) Biodiesel, HVO, Diesel
13-litre 450 Hp (331 kW) 2350 Nm Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) Biodiesel, HVO, Diesel

Fuel capacity (usable volumes):
275 - 460 litres

6-speed fully automatic gearbox (ZF EcoLife 2)

12-speed manual gearbox (Scania Opticruise with retarder)


The high decker Scania Touring is available in several variants, enabling it to meet different operational requirements.

Floor level

The aisle in the coach is lowered, resulting in higher passenger comfort through fewer steps in the staircase, full standing height, and easier access to seats, without compromising on luggage volume.

Design features

The high decker Scania Touring meet the needs of operators on every continent. With total design and production control over chassis, powertrain and body. Scania delivers unrivalled reliability, durability and performance.

Chassis frame

The strengthened front axle means that load capacity is increased from 7.5 to 8.0 tonnes. It also enables optimised weight distribution between the front and rear axles.

Powertrain technology

The highly dependable, durable and robust powertrain enable fuel savings by as much as 9%, from a number of factors with the most significant savings from improved engine efficiency and the cruise control with active prediction.

Safety Systems

Our advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) include Lane departure warning, lane change collision prevention, vulnerable road user collision warning, cruise control with active prediction, attention support, and advanced emergency brake. Together, they create a safer traffic environment by keeping the driver alert and the vehicle in the right position as well as controlling the speed and distance from other road users.


Constructed to ensure that components are protected in the event of a collision. Limiting damage and avoiding deformation of components in order to minimise costs and complex, time consuming repairs.

Driver area

Excellent visibility, an overall well-balanced vehicle, a powerful and reliable powertrain and great turning radius, makes for excellent drivability. Additionally, the driver is supported with advanced driver assistance systems giving enhanced control of the coach through improved and assisted handling, steering and braking. 

Interior design

Functional quality, from the seating and climate system to each safety feature. Double-glazing creates a quiet interior. Comfort features, including a toilet and mini-kitchen, are available.

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