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At Scania, we continuously work to improve the safety of our vehicles. For our drivers as well as their fellow road users. As their challenges vary, so do our solutions in adding new perspectives on safety. 

High crash standards

The structure of Scania’s entire cab range offers outstanding crash performance and includes structural integrity, instrument positioning and dispersion of impact forces. It also significantly reduces the risk of a car ending up under the vehicle in the event of a collision. Swedish crash test standards are among the most stringent in the world. Our new generation has surpassed them with ease and the new cab structure offer an outstanding crash performance.

Side curtain airbags

Scania’s roll-over airbag targets one of the most serious consequences of rollover accidents, where drivers or passengers are injured in a collision or fatally crushed by their own vehicle. Available in Scania’s P, G, R and S-cabs as well as in the CrewCab.

Immediate response

Scania brake pads consist of a unique friction material optimised for the patented alloy in the brake disc, which ensures maximum service life with consistent braking behavior. Enhanced brake callipers, allied with improved brake actuation and the more advanced position of the front axle, greatly improve the braking distance of the Scania trucks.

See it before it happens

A Scania cab offers unobstructed and panoramic views of the front and sides. Slimmer A-pillars, lower side windows and instrument panel contribute to enhanced visibility for the driver. During the darker hours the night lighting function can be used to avoid reflections and other disturbances. High-mounted spot lamps are incorporated into the sun shield, while auxiliary lighting includes fog and spot lamps for adverse weather conditions. Different levels of camera systems are available for added safety, visibility and convenience.


See how collision risk is reduced by Scania AEB braking system.

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