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Our people are our most valuable asset

For Scania, our people are our most valuable asset. In a dynamic environment you contribute with your knowledge and unique background to the diversity that is part of our success. This is a place for all kinds – generalists, specialists and managers. If you are motivated and prepared to take responsibility, you have every opportunity here.

We drive real change

When you join our journey towards a sustainable transform system, you are contributing to the future of transport. You are part of a team that can truly make a difference, part of a powerful force with a proven track record, the ability to make things happen and create real change. Being part of this strong, supportive culture lets people grow and contribute.

Doing it for real with performance as our constant

Scania is a strong, global organisation that has accumulated know-how and skills within the world of transport over the last century. With our track-record and our determination, we can make a difference in the future of transport.

At Scania we have a strong culture of developing and launching innovations that actually work at scale, in order to drive real change.

Together as a team and tied by strong values

We have a strong and supportive culture, where each individual is seen, respected and has the potential to contribute. We trust each other to act and make decisions, and we believe in a more flexible future workplace based on individual needs.


Development happens naturally here; individuals, teams and our customer offerings have the support they need to grow. The result is an industry-leading company with motivated, dedicated people who want to be a part of driving the shift towards a sustainable transport system.

Committed to a better tomorrow

Scania’s purpose is to drive the shift towards a sustainable transport system, by developing safe, smart and energy-efficient transport solutions that are better for people and the planet.


It is a bold and exciting journey with no finite end. Our innovative spirit and determination are what keep us going until we reach the science-based targets that Scania, as one of the pioneers of the industry, has proudly committed to.

Diversity and inclusion

For Scania, diversity and inclusion is a strategic necessity. By having employees with the widest possible range of skills, knowledge, backgrounds and experiences, we ensure we have the right people and together with an inclusive corporate culture this drives our business forward. We call this unique, systemic approach Skill Capture, and it’s a key element of our People Sustainability strategy for Scania’s 52,000 employees worldwide.


Building the diversity and inclusion that are at the heart of Skill Capture is, above all, the right thing to do. We want our employees to feel included, proud and happy to work for us, no matter where they are from or who they are. And diversity is not only about what’s on the surface, such as gender or ethnicity; it’s about culture, sexual orientation, life experiences, and much more besides.

But Skill Capture is more than doing what is right for our people, it is also a strategic necessity. The transport industry, our customers and the world are all changing rapidly and Scania needs to reflect these changes to keep up.

Skill Capture is Scania’s answer to the meet the demands that are part of the change to a new, more sustainable transport industry. A diverse group of employees gives Scania the cognitive  we need to innovate the new technological solutions that the transport industry demands. A diverse and inclusive Scania is more likely to attract and retain the right talent to take us forward. 


How does Skill Capture work?

  • We take a systemic approach to help managers and their teams work with our employees to their fullest potential.

  • We hold initial Skill Capture Labs for all management teams. 

  • When the managers are trained, they train their employees, by cascading the messages down through their organisations through awareness programmes and group work. Each department then sets its own activities.

  • Our annual Employee Barometer has three questions on Diversity and Inclusion, to measure the effect of our work with Skill Capture and whether progress is being made, and we act on the feedback.

  • We follow up these initiatives: our Skill Capture team meet our Executive Board three times a year to update them on our progress.