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Request For Proposal Construction Consultant/Project Manager for the Construction/Renovation Of Office Building

11 August 2022

Scania Tanzania Ltd is currently accepting proposals from suitably qualified individuals or companies for Construction Consultant/Project Manager for the renovation of its main building along Nyerere Road plot # 8 The purpose of the Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit a proposal for the project which includes assisting Scania to ensure adequate external resources (namely an Architect and a Contractor) as well as to provide professional project management to ensure timely delivery. 

1.2 Objective of the Consultancy/Project Management


1.2.1 Purpose The objective of the Construction Consultant/Project Manager is to provide guidance and advice to Scania in securing suitable external resources required, arrange for full project cost and have oversight of the construction/renovation of the building

1.3 Project Scope



The project manager is responsible for ensuring the project is delivered on time, within scope and within budget. This would include but is not limited to:

a) Assisting Scania with the procurement of and, where necessary draft RFPs for additional professional services including the services of an Architect and a Contractor



b) Coordinating professional services including the Architect, Contractor and QS


c) Attending and participating in meetings of the Committee with oversight for the construction of the building


d) Developing a Project Management Plan, including project objectives, deliverables


e) role/responsibilities/contact information, communication protocols, document control methodology, cost management, schedule management and quality management plans; Developing project scopes and objectives, involving all relevant stakeholders and ensuring technical feasibility


f) Maintaining ongoing dialogue with the Architect and Contractor and escalating issues to the project committee with oversight for the construction of the building


g) Developing and maintaining the overall project milestone schedule, and reviewing and verifying the integration of the Design Team’s services & deliverables, Owner's responsibilities and anticipated construction schedules


h) Developing and maintaining a Project Risk Management Plan for the project life


i) Managing and overseeing the Project Budget (including construction costs, insurance and contingency);


j) Providing a bi-weekly report to client committee on the progress of the project


k) Scheduling and conducting on-site bi-weekly progress meetings involving the project committee, Architect, and Contractor;


l) Reviewing and commenting on the Contractor’s Procurement Plan;


m) Ensuring that all required permits are obtained and remain current for the duration of the project 


n) Keeping track of the budget and ensure budget is maintained ( guarantee on the budget) Creating and maintaining comprehensive project documentation files


o) Reviewing any requests for changes, and submitting written recommendations including construction tenders adjudication to Scania with final terms and price for consideration and approval.


2.1 Instructions for Submission of Proposals

The proposal must be placed in a sealed envelope marked ‘Private and Confidential’ and addressed as follows:


Tender for Construction Consultant/Project Manager

P. O. Box 9324

Dar es Salaam


Proposals will be accepted until 26th August 2022.


A soft copy may also be submitted to the email address .


All proposals must be duly signed. The original proposal must bear an original signature signed in ink and dated by the Proposer or a representative legally authorized by the Proposer, further defined as follows


2.2 Proposal Contents and Evaluation Process


In addition to the specifications listed above, Proposals for the Services must include the following:


Description of Qualifications


i. The Proposal must provide evidence of licence/registration consistent with the requirement of the relevant regulatory authority of the jurisdiction.


ii. The Proposal must also contain a narrative description that conveys, at a minimum, the following information:


iii. Firm's Background


a) Provide your firm’s name, address, email address, phone and physical location


b) Provide the name of the contact person submitting the Proposal


c) Briefly describe the history of your firm


d) Provide evidence of your Professional Liability Insurance Policy (e.g., a Certificate of Insurance), including a description of annual per claim and aggregate limits and any claims history in the last 5 years


e) Provide the names and addresses of any of your firm’s clients or any other persons or entities who have made claims against your firm within the last five years alleging that your firm breached a contract for services, was negligent in performance of services, or otherwise caused harm or damage to the claimant. Describe the nature and current status of the claims. Claims should be fully disclosed regardless of whether they involved litigation, arbitration or other formal or informal dispute resolution process. The disclosures required under this provision also apply to any claims arising out of services of any principal or officer of your firm or any member of the project team regardless of whether the person was associated with your firm at the time of the claim


f) Indicate whether your firm or any personnel have been involved in any litigation, arbitration or mediation, either as defendant or plaintiff, over the five years immediately preceding the closing date of the RFP. If your firm or any personnel has been involved in any such litigation, arbitration or mediation, provide a general description of the cause or nature and status of each case or claim, and the identity of the client;


 (g) Indicate whether your firm has ever been terminated from a project. If so, include the name(s) and address(es) of the client(s) and the nature of the termination.


iii. Project Team and Staffing


a) Clearly describe your organizational approach to providing the services


b) Describe current work load and priority of providing the services as it relates to overall work load


c) Provide a brief resume of key personnel to be assigned to provide the services. All project workers will be subject to background checks



d) Describe responsibilities of personnel assigned to provide the services


e) State whether your firm is capable of performing all services described in this RFP and other services recommended in the proposal. If your firm intends to subcontract any of the services to other consultants or outside source, the Proposal shall identify those consultants and describe the consultants’ experience in providing the type of Services covered by this RFP.


IV Related Experience


a) Describe your previous experience on similar or other projects and provide two related references. Provide your firm’s history of providing service on time and within budget. Supplement with a short statement describing any unique challenges or characteristics that played a major role in the development of the solution.


b) Describe your firm’s role in developing the budget, scope and schedule for the project and your firm’s performance in achieving the budget, scope and schedule requirements for each.


V) Education, Experience and other Requirements


Any combination of education and experience equivalent to graduation from an accredited college or university with major course work in construction management, engineering, or project management, plus five (5) years' experience or ten (10) years of combined experience as a Project Manager/General Contractor.


Other knowledge Skills and Abilities


a) Knowledge of building codes, policies and guidelines


b) Knowledge of construction standards


c) Negotiation skills


d) Problem solving skills


e) Effective written and oral skills.



2.3 Cost of Service


i. The proposal should include the total cost to complete the project and a breakdown that contains proposed milestones and the associated fees.


ii. The proposal should be all inclusive in relation to cost of any outsourced contract(s). The services of the Construction Consultant/Project Manager will be subject to agreed terms and conditions