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Scania Top Team highlights workshops sustainability contribution

27 OCTOBER 2022

Scania’s global workshop network plays a key role in the company’s shift towards a sustainable transport system. One of the tools helping to raise awareness and create commitment to the company’s sustainability targets is Scania’s global competition for service technicians, Top Team.

The workshops are Scania’s primary window to the world and an important part of the company’s operations. They are also vital when it comes to Scania’s decarbonisation targets, which incorporate a focus on minimising the company’s environmental footprint in areas such as energy consumption, use of fossil-free electricity and resource efficiency at its facilities.


These kinds of direct and indirect greenhouse emissions are often referred to as Scope 1 and 2 emissions; for example, in science-based carbon-reduction targets.


The workshops’ role in Scania’s sustainability targets also extends to how its trucks and buses are used. Since the user phase generates more than 90 percent of the carbon emissions from the company’s business, Scania is putting considerable resources into improving the efficiency of all its products and services to decrease emissions.


In discussions about greenhouse emissions this area is often referred to as Scope 3.

Reducing fuel consumption and emissions

Scania workshops and service technicians all over the world are crucial in making the necessary changes happen, says Maria Jobenius, Senior Sustainability Strategist at Scania.


“Our service technicians are often the ones that have the most interaction with our customers, and the ones that can really affect the fine-tuning of our products,” she says. “Based on real-time data from the vehicles, the service technicians can also analyse a vehicle’s use and the driver’s performance. This way, they contribute to our customers’ reduced fuel consumption and emissions, as well as improving safety and extending the life of our products.”

Top Team competition connects to sustainability

All of Scania’s targets and methods come together in Scania Top Team, a competition to find and celebrate the best service technicians in the company’s global network. One of the guiding principles for Scania is that a sustainable transport system is not just fossil free – it’s sustainable also from the point of view of the society and people who use it.


This perspective – people sustainability – is one of Scania’s three priorities in the company’s strategic sustainability approach. The other two are circular business and decarbonisation.


“We depend heavily on our service technicians to keep our customers’ wheels spinning,” says Mats Gunnarsson, Head of Commercial Operations at Scania. “The excellence of our products and services is only matched by the excellence and engagement of our people. The technicians competing in the Top Team are tremendous proof of that.”

Energy boost for all employees

The 2022/23 edition of Scania Top Team has a special focus on sustainability. In addition to the competition challenges in the six regional finals, there will be special stations where the participating teams will be able to raise their competence in different sustainability areas, including learning more about workshop safety behaviour. They can also receive first aid training.


“The safety and health of all employees is our top priority,” says Gunnarsson.


Both Jobenius and Gunnarsson have high hopes that these activities will result in an energy boost for the participants.


“I think the competition and the surrounding activities will put our corporate targets into a concrete context in terms of what we all can do in our daily work to contribute to sustainability,” says Jobenius.


Gunnarsson adds, “I know that the Top Team competition energises the whole organization around the competing teams, leading to even more improvements and development of the whole organisation.”

Scania Top Team’s connection to sustainability

  • Scania Top Team is not only a competition for the company’s service engineers; it is also a tool to raise awareness and create commitment in the whole organisation to contribute to Scania’s sustainability targets.
  • The 2022/23 edition of Top Team has a special focus on sustainability for the participating teams. It includes activities such as health and safety in the workplace and how the environmental footprint from Scania’s own operations and from the rolling fleet of Scania vehicles can be minimised with workshop services. 
  • The Scania Top Team 2022/23 regional events have a focus on sustainability. At the finals, only locally produced food will be served, and the environmental impact of the transports will be measured.